Vehicle and Train Collision Incident Management by La Feria Wrecker Service in Pharr, Texas

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Not every tow call is an emergency, still, our operators are trained to respond to every call with a sense of urgency. When you need to have your vehicle towed to another location, or your 18 wheeler rolled back on its wheels, you can count on us.

You will be pleased to find that we carry out regular maintenance on our fleet, ensuring that they are clean and properly functioning. Also, our tow operators receive ongoing training in order to keep up with the latest industry trends and the functioning of the newest equipment. In addition, our dispatch operators are trained to properly asses every situation, to utilize logistics for accurately pinpointing the customer location while having the right equipment to serve them. All towing operators are familiarized with the Rio Grande Valley and beyond. It’s no wonder we have a strong track record for responsiveness.

With a significant customer-base, our commitment to excellence continues to brand us a preferred choice for towing throughout Texas. Not only do we specialize in towing services for automobiles, but we maintain a fleet of specialized machinery and heavy equipment, as needed to accommodate larger vehicles including travel trailers, recreational vehicles, construction equipment, semis, buses and much more.

We offer a wide range of reliable services throughout the Central Texas region:

  • Incident Management
  • Flat Bed Towing
  • Light Towing and Recovery
  • Medium Towing and Recovery
  • Heavy Duty Towing and Recovery
  • Long Distance Towing
  • Accident Recovery
  • Trailer Lifting
"The Beast" Service Vehicle providing Flat Bed Towing, La Feria Wrecker Service in Brownsville, Texas

Flat Bed Towing

We offer everyday, 24- hour flatbed towing for new cars, used cars, trucks, machinery, exotic vehicles, motorcycle towing, luxury vehicles, and more. Our flatbed trucks carry small and large vehicles in the case of breakdowns or collisions. For towing light duty vehicles, the rear of the truck is attached with a bed that can be hydraulically inclined and moved to ground level, allowing the vehicle to be placed on the bed at its own power or enables it to be pulled by a winch.

Automobile and Vehicle Accident Towing and Road Side Assistance by La Feria Wrecker Service in Raymondville, Texas

Road Side Assistance

La Feria Wrecker boasts efficient and reliable roadside service for small, medium and heavy duty equipment. Our mobile units allow tow operators to respond promptly to temporary repairs. From tire change and repair, to fuel delivery, we help to minimize the downtime faced by our clients. We also assist customers with locating the closest and most reputable repair facilities where they can receive additional services, as needed.

Heavy Duty Semitruck Towing by La Feria Wrecker Service in Harlingen, Texas

Heavy Duty Towing

La Feria Wrecker maintains the title as THE Heavy Duty Towing and Recovery Experts. From efficient and damage-free heavy duty towing (local and long distance) of tractor trailers, motor-coaches and emergency vehicles to accident recovery, specialized recovery and every roadside service or load transfers, all of us at La Feria Wrecker work together as a team to better serve you.

There are some tow jobs that must be left to the professionals, especially when the safety of other motorists is at risk.

Heavy Duty Winch Out Services are provided by La Feria Wrecker Service in La Feria, Texas

Winch Outs

Vehicle stuck in the mud?  Are you in need of heavy duty tow truck winching and towing services? Let La Feria Wrecker Service assist you today. Our operators have years of experience in winching a variety of vehicles and equipment.  From tractor-trailers, concrete trucks, dump trucks and every heavy duty excavating equipment. We’re just a call away!

Off-road Vehicle Incident Management by La Feria Wrecker Service in Edinburg, Texas

Incident Management

We carry a reputation throughout the Rio Grande Valley as one of the most professional recovery agencies in the nation, rendering efficient and damage-free work. From site clean ups to traffic management, local authorities count on La Feria Wrecker to get the job done.

In the unfortunate event of an accident, La Feria Wrecker reports in moments to the scene of the accident and related incidents, to immediately assess the situation and perform the necessary operations within minimal time. We maintain a fleet of specialized equipment that allows us to dispatch the right size equipment to the situation, helping to reduce loss and downtime.

24 Hours A Day

Need a tow? Contact us 24 hours a day for all your towing and recovery needs.

La Feria Wrecker are expert in heavy-duty towing. Anyone with a heavy vehicle, large van, or building machinery knows who to call when they need a tow.

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